Rancho Chico Mexican Restaurant

Rancho Chico is a quaint family owned and operated restaurant, we are very family oriented and cater to all types of families from around the world. We are known for having the greatest margaritas, ranging from the house margarita that is made with Juarez tequila, to the top shelf margarita that is called The Grand which is made with Patron, and to top it off, the prices for our drinks are all very reasonable.
Our menu here at Rancho Chico has a variety of dishes that come from different parts of Mexico. Some of our signature dishes are as followed, we have the Carne Asada dish which is our seasoned and grilled skirt steak served with rice and beans a small salad then garnished with pico de gallo, sour cream, grilled green onion and jalapeno. Another great dish here at Rancho Chico is our Steak EL Patron, which is a combination of our specialty Carne Asada accompanied with succelent large shrimp that are basted with our special marinade served with rice, beans, sauteed vegetables and also garnished with sour cream, a small salad, grilled green onion and jalapeno.
But what we are most famously known for are having the best fajitas around, we have either chicken, steak, and or shrimp that can be mixed and matched in any way desired, and if you want all three, just ask for our Fajita Trio which includes all of the above.
Here at Rancho Chico we have dishes to please each and everyone of our customers, we have dishes from the sea for all our seafood lovers, vegetable dishes for all our vegitarians, and low calorie dishes for all that count the calories.
Our goal here at Rancho Chico is to provide our guests with great food at a fast pace accompanied with friendly service, with a deep commitment to satisfy all of our customer's needs.

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